Sherborne recycling centre fully reopens

Man throwing cardboard box into bin
Photo: Dorset Council

Sherborne Household Recycling Centre reopened on 2nd June, three weeks after the other nine recycling centres in Dorset opened their gates after the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Dorset Council implemented new measures to help it deal with queues at the centre.

Amongst the changes at Sherborne Household Recycling Centre, users had to collect a ticket from the Terrace Playing Fields car park. They had to wait until their ticket number was called out. Only then could they proceed to the recycling centre.

The cause of this was to prevent queuing on West Mill Lane, which is shared with a Waste Transfer Station, which would have caused significant disruption.

Dorset Council has now announced that vehicles are no longer required to wait at Terrace Playing Fields car park. However, the council is asking that you do not park or queue on West Mill Lane.

Furthermore, users are urged to remember that “all social distancing measures will still need to be observed” and that “if the site is busy you may be asked to return later”.

I want to thank Sherborne Town Council who have made the reopening of the site possible by hosting the ticket operation at the car park along with the many volunteers who have done an excellent job in all weathers to make reopening a success. Thank you also to everyone who has used the tip so well and for your continued patience as we open services.

We want visitors to stay safe so please keep your distance and if the site is busy then please come back later.

Councillor Tony Alford, Dorset Council

The news comes just weeks after the council raised concerns over recycling centres struggling to cope amid the reduced capacity.

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