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Discover Dorset: North Dorset Trailway Network launches a new website

North Dorset Trailway Network
Photo: Graham Rains

The North Dorset Trailway Network (NDTN), a cherished fixture of local life and tourism, has taken a leap into the digital age with the launch of its new, more user-friendly website. This fresh online platform stands as a beacon to those seeking a motorised-traffic free route for recreation or sustainable transport.

The NDTN, a registered charity since 2006, has dedicated itself to establishing a safe and accessible route for walkers, cyclists, horse riders, and those with disabilities. The trailway, which traces the historic Somerset and Dorset Railway lines, spans 14 miles from Sturminster Newton to Spetisbury, with an additional section at Stalbridge.

This new website, designed by Parrot Creative, offers a wealth of information about the Trailway and its surroundings. From historical insights to practical details about the route, visitors to the site will find everything they need to plan a trip. Whether you’re a local resident seeking a peaceful afternoon walk or a tourist looking to explore the Dorset landscape, the NDTN’s website will be your go-to resource.

Living in Sturminster Newton for the past eight years and starting Parrot Creative right here has been an incredible journey. I’ve walked the North Dorset Trailway more times than I can count, and each time it feels like a new experience. So, when we had the opportunity to work on the Trailway’s new website, it felt personal. It was an opportunity to give back to the community that has given us so much

Kacper Jednorowicz, Director at Parrot Creative
North Dorset Trailway Network homepage
The new homepage

Notably, the website provides extensive details on the future extension strategy of the Trailway. This includes plans to link the North Dorset Trailway with the Somerset section of the Somerset and Dorset Railway, and efforts to extend the Trailway both northwards to Stalbridge and southwards to Poole. The strategy also highlights the importance of creating safe road crossings where detours are necessary.

Apart from practical navigation, the website also highlights places of interest along the Trailway, enriching the experience for visitors. These include the old station site at Spetisbury, which has been tidied and includes a picnic area and information boards. In Blandford, otters can often be seen from the bridge where the Trailway crosses the Stour. Other points of interest include the Big Yellow Bus Garden Project at Shillingstone, the restored Shillingstone Station, and the Fiddleford Manor English Heritage site. In Sturminster Newton, a restored water mill dating from the 1600s and a town museum are among the highlights.

By launching this new website, the NDTN is taking strides to promote the Trailway and garner support for its extension. The user-friendly website serves not only as an informative tool, but also as an invitation for both locals and visitors to discover and appreciate the natural beauty of Dorset. Whether you’re planning a quiet walk, a cycling trip, a horse ride, or a day of exploration, the North Dorset Trailway Network’s new website is sure to enhance your experience.

To discover more about the North Dorset Trailway Network and plan your next adventure, visit their new website at

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