Dorset Innovation Park expansion to fuel job creation and economic growth

Satellite view of Dorset Innovation Park
Dorset Innovation Park

Dorset Council has unveiled ambitious plans to expand the Dorset Innovation Park, potentially developing around 2,000 sqm of light industrial space divided into ten individual units. These plans also include the creation of a new hub for on-site workers that would act as a social focus for the Park. The hub is proposed to offer food and beverages, as well as facilities to foster collaboration and co-operation among tenants and visitors, including meeting and function facilities.

Longer-term plans encompass the potential development of two medium-sized industrial/office units, which are expected to create an additional 145 jobs at the park, and generate an annual income of around £453k for the Council.

The Dorset Innovation Park, which already houses more than 40 businesses and employs about 1,200 people, is looking forward to this new phase of development. The site is known for hosting companies from the high-tech, digital, science, and engineering sectors, as well as the defence industry, with the Battlelab being a joint venture between Dorset Council and the Ministry of Defence.

Astral Systems is a prime example of the kind of innovative, high-tech companies we have based at the Park. Their ground-breaking technology has the potential to not only have a tremendous impact in the UK but also around the world.

Councillor Simon Gibson

The Council’s plans are awaiting agreement by Dorset Council’s Cabinet today (Tuesday 21 June). If approved, work on the ten new units would begin later this year, and the four-year plan would be incorporated into the 2023/24 – 27/28 capital budget proposals, to be considered by Cabinet and Full Council in early 2023.

dip planning application | Dorset Online
Proposed layout for the new units

In recent years, the Innovation Park has seen a significant increase in demand, leading to the Council submitting a planning application for a second phase, Quadrant 2. If approved, construction of the new units will begin in the autumn.

This expansion represents an important step in Dorset Council’s efforts to stimulate local economic growth, create job opportunities, and establish Dorset as a hub for innovative businesses. The Council is confident that these developments will attract more businesses to the Park, further contributing to Dorset’s growing reputation as a leading location for the high-tech digital and creative sectors.

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