Dorset household recycling centres are now open

Dorset household recycling centre

As of today, Monday 11th May, 9 out of 10 household recycling centres in Dorset have reopened following the central Government’s guidance on Managing Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs) in England during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

It’s important to note that the Government continues to put strong restrictions on use to help reduce non-essential journeys. Therefore, you should only be travelling to a household recycling centre in Dorset if the waste poses a risk of injury, health or harm.

As we have learnt from today, major queues can be expected due to social distancing measures, which place a limit on the number of vehicles allowed onto the recycling centre property at any one time.

Dorset Council states that all sites, except Sherborne, are reopening on 11th May, there will be major restrictions on site, accompanied by additional security staff to enforce these rules.

All usual waste types will be accepted, although re-use areas will remain closed.

The council stated that Sherborne’s recycling centre will remain closed due to “highway safety reasons”, and that further planning would be required to prevent queuing and obstructing the road, before this centre can open.

The remaining centres will be open everyday from 9am to 6pm.

Dorset Council further advises that you should maximise the use of kerb-side waste and recycling services to avoid travelling to a household recycling centre. Every Dorset household has the ability to put additional recycling, glass and food waste at the kerbside, as long as it’s in sturdy containers that can be safely and easily lifted by a bin collection worker.

This guidance follows the restart of garden waste collection services, which should also be utilised as much as possible, to prevent unnecessary travel to a recycling centre.

Furthermore, Dorset Council is resuming bulky waste removal services as of today. To save a trip to a household recycling centre, you can book collection of your bulky waste on the DC website.

Please follow this guidance when visiting a household recycling centre (HRC):

  • Only travel to a HRC if the waste poses a risk of injury, health or harm.
  • Check that your HRC is open on the day you plan to travel.
  • Expect significant delays and long queues. Stay in your vehicle while queuing.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists are not permitted.
  • Do not arrive at the site early.
  • You should not visit a centre if you feel unwell.
  • You must follow social distancing guidance/rules.
  • HRC staff will not be able to assist you with carrying or unloading any items.
  • Only one person should leave the vehicle to unload waste.
  • Double-bag all household waste and leave outside for 72 hours before taking the waste to a HRC.
  • Only bring 2 waste types per visit (eg. garden and black bag).
  • Re-use areas are closed.
  • Charges on certain items/types apply as usual.
  • Do not touch your face on your way home. Wash your hands as soon as you arrive at your destination.
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