Woman dies after falling from a ferry

RNLI lifeboard floating through waves
RNLI Lifeboat

A lifeboat from Weymouth RNLI was deployed at 5.18 pm on 7th June, to reports of a woman who fell off a ferry and into the water.

The woman fell into the water off a ferry called Stena Horizon, which was mid-channel.

The body was later found and recovered off the coast of Portland.

Just before the lifeboat arrived on scene 26 miles SSW of Portland Bill, news came in that the body of the woman had been found.

A rescue boat from the Stena Horizon which had been launched to search for her, found her body and had taken her onto the vessel, which then continued on its journey.

The lifeboat was released and returned to Weymouth at 7.38pm where it was refuelled and made ready for the next shout

Weymouth Lifeboat
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