Travellers cause the closure of Ringwood School

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Ringwood School has closed to all pupils after travellers setup camp and blocked access to the school.

Travellers arrived and created a camp at a nearby leisure centre car park and completely blocked the access road leading to Ringwood School on 28th June.

Parents received an email from the school instructing all children to stay at home due to safety and safeguarding concerns.

The school, which has more than 1600 students, has said that students will be taught remotely where possible, with online materials and classes taking place for most subjects.

To ensure student safety and safeguarding the police have advised that we shut the school on Monday 29th June. Therefore if your child was due in school, please stay at home where they can work remotely instead.

Ringwood School

The school’s staff attended the site with police officers and New Forest District council staff this morning, which allowed them to make the school accessible.

Despite staff now being able to reach the school building, the school’s leadership team were concerned about the potential safety risk, the distraction the travellers would cause and difficulties during the school run.

Stating that the risk is too high, Ringwood School has announced that the school will be closed until it is safe for students to return.

One parent told Dorset Online:

It’s unfair. They shouldn’t be allowed to do this. Why do [the travellers] think that this is ok? Their careless decision has a massive impact on so many families.

A Ringwood School student’s parent

The school is doing what they can to make this unexpected incident have as little of an impact as possible on planned lessons.

We are aware of the unauthorised encampment at the Ringwood Health and Leisure Centre, and the access road into Ringwood School, and our officers have attended the site to assess the situation.

We continue to work with Ringwood School and the New Forest District Council to resolve the issues around access to the school.

Hampshire Police
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