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Study reveals Dorset has one of the most Instagrammable campsites in the UK

Eweleaze Campsite at sunset

Eweleaze Farm is one of the most popular in the UK and it only opens for 4 weeks a year! The popular Dorset campsite has been named third in a list of top 25 “most Instagrammable” campsites in the UK on Cool Camping.

Eweleaze Farm’s Dorset campsite is within the area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) on a quiet, secluded and safe-for-children field.

Paired with stunning views of the sea, guests have access to a private beach that’s exclusively owned by the farm. It’s a quiet and shingly cove, with plenty of rockpools for snorkelling. The beach is great for swimming, and barbecues and fires are allowed.

Want to camp at Eweleaze Farm? Book your tickets fast as they sell out quickly for the campsite’s opening dates, which are only 4 weeks of August each year.

The site covers several fields there is plenty of space even on busy weekends, and it is usually possible to choose your own pitch. Friends and families can camp in groups as they please, and parking by your tent is allowed on most of the fields. There is loads of room for kids to run around, fly kites, play ball games and the like.

Eweleaze Farm

The campsite boasts toilets, showers, solar showers, sinks, drinking water, laundry facilities, recycling facilities, ice pack exchange, allows campfires and pets.

Within short distance of the campsite, you can buy meat, drinks, gas and camping gear from the farm shop. There’s also a bakery, patisserie, pizza van, ice cream and coffee shop, hot food, grill, juice bar, crepe bar, barn restaurant, log shop and “The Veg Box” for vegans and vegetarians.

Anyone visiting Eweleaze Farm can access a variety of facilities, including hay bale play areas, petting animals (goats, pigs, puppies, ponies, alpacas, cows and more), dog walks, guinea pig and rabbit handling, sheep shearing, kids crafts, sandpit, giant chessboard, massage and therapeutic spa, Turkish Bath House and Shepherd’s Hut Sauna.

Those in need of some dairy can also enjoy some fresh milk from Eweleaze Dairy Organic’s milk dispenser that has been described as “like nothing on earth”.

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