Eweleaze Dairy Organic milk described “like nothing on earth”

Eweleaze Dairy Organic milk vending machine

Eweleaze Dairy Organic, a Dorset milk supplier to Müller, has recently opened an organic milk dispenser outside of their Martinstown farm, near Dorchester.

With more than 160 litres of organic pasteurised whole milk sold within 3 days, the Martinstown based dairy farm has received plenty of well-deserved positive feedback.

“The taste of this milk is like nothing on earth.”

Polly Durrant, Customer

“Great tasting milk from happy cows. We love supporting local business and these guys love their cows. Well done and thank you for providing such yummy milk”

Kate Hopps, Customer

“The milk is just delicious. I haven’t tasted milk this good in years!”

Simon Nixon, Customer

With 2 years of planning and over £47,000 invested, the new milk dispenser was due to open in April. However, the opening was delayed to 7th May due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eweleaze Dairy Organic is a milk supplier to Müller, who benefit from millions of litres of organic Dorset milk each year.

It’s understood Eweleaze wanted to make this project about the local community; the new vending machine is designed and made by Daisy Vending in Somerset. The new milk vending point has been benefiting the local community from day one of opening and has been attracting customers from all over the county.

The new milk vending machine has the ability to dispense 200 litres of milk every day, for which Eweleaze charges £1.30 a litre.

“We want to encourage people to Buy Locally and also show where their milk is actually coming from.

“We heat the raw milk to 63.5 degrees Celsius and then hold it at this temperature for 30 minutes.

“It doesn’t homogenise but keeps it as whole milk with all the nutrients.”

Chloe Marsh, Eweleaze Dairy Organic

The farm joined the family in 1962, and has been growing from strength to strength.

In 2006, the farm became fully organic, and over time Eweleaze has grown from 80 to more than 650 cows across 1,000 acres of land.

It’s understood that the business has been booming. Thanks to the multinational Müller company, Eweleaze Dairy Organic has spent seven figures on rebuilding their dairy unit to have the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly process and equipment as possible.

“We produce around 8,000 litres a day and millions of litres annually.

“The average producer is about 1m litres annually”

Noel Marsh, Eweleaze Dairy Organic

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