Public outraged over contactless-only car park payments

Car park in Shaftesbury

Some Dorset residents are unhappy with the reintroduction of charging for use of public car parks throughout Dorset, due to being unable to pay with cash.

Dorset Council and local councils have received negative feedback stating that not everyone is able to use contactless payments to pay for their parking tickets.

The council has stated that temporarily halting payment with coins will help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Dorset Online also understands that this improves safety and working conditions for the council’s workers who collect the cash.

Locals have said not everyone has access to smartphones or mobile devices capable of contactless payment. However, Dorset Council has shot back saying that anyone with a mobile phone that’s capable of calls and texts is able to make a payment.

In Shaftesbury, Councillor Ray Bryan has urged those unable to pay for parking to use free parking – including that of the Tesco supermarket.

The statement provided to This Is Alfred, states:

“We’re sorry if the move proves an inconvenience for a handful of people who choose not to use a mobile phone. We would kindly ask those people to make alternative arrangements for the time being, especially as most supermarkets continue to offer free parking. When social distancing guidance is relaxed and the threat of the virus has subsided, we will reinstate cash-based payments at our ticket machines.”

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