Potential fines for cars parking at NFU Mutual Dorchester

NFU Mutual Dorchester car park

A planning application has been submitted to erect a 5-metre tall pole with a number plate recognition camera outside NFU Mutual in Dorchester.

The aim of the application is to gain permission to install a camera, which will be used to send £100 fines to owners of vehicles using the private car park without consent.

Alongside the camera-on-a-pole, signs would be installed to warn the public that parking here without permission will result in a penalty charge.

Agriculture House and the parking site is at the back of Waitrose, off Acland Road and within Dorchester’s conservation area.

As part of a letter to the council, the text said:

Unauthorised use is causing problems for bona fide users. The development does not involve the loss of any parking spaces, in fact by deterring unauthorized parking it, effectively, increases availability of parking for bona fide persons

Letter sent to the council

The application paperwork suggests that the installation of the camera would allow for the barrier at the entrance of the car park to be removed and that the pole and camera “will not look out of place”.

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