Police highlight dangerous tides at Durdle Door

Man swimming at Durdle Door
Photo: Poole Police

Durdle Door has been featured in a lot of press recently, whether that be overflowing car parks, a man from London who drowned, or when two helicopters landed on a crowded beach at the end of May.

When a man drowned at Durdle Door last Sunday, he was with two other males. He began to struggle and didn’t return to the shore before his body was found at Man O’ War bay a couple of days later.

Now, Poole Police has revealed just how dangerous the tides at Durdle Door are on the photo above.

The man in the picture was trying to swim in a straight line on a calm day, from the rocks to the beach. The yellow dots show how quickly the tide was pulling him off his intended route, to the west.

Thankfully, he made it safely to the shore. However, should he have gotten into difficulties, there would have been no lifeguards to help him, and anyone trying to help would be risking their own life.

Durdle Door is beautiful. But please do not underestimate this location. Whilst the water looks inviting, once 8 metres from shore, the shelf drops into deep water. Currents, rips and changing tides are hugely prevalent here.

We urge visitors to think before they act. Help is a greater distance away than you think.

If you are visiting this UNESCO location, lets ensure we keep it looking stunning by taking rubbish home. If you brought it to the beach, please take it home and dispose of it.

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