2 helicopters land on Durdle Door beach as 4 jumpers injured

Rescue helicopters land at Durdle door

Two helicopters landed on the beach at Durdle Door today, as 4 people were injured while jumping off of the Durdle Door arch.

According to a statement released by the Police, the beach was closed and everyone was ordered to leave while the incident was dealt with.

The extent of the injuries of the four casualties has not been revealed. However, the situation was declared as a critical incident.

Officers and partner agencies are dealing with a critical incident at Durdle Door. The incident involved people jumping from the arch into the sea. Four people have been injured as a result. They are receiving medical attention.

Emergency Services are trying to deal with the incident. We ask please that you avoid the area for the rest of the day. If you are currently at the location, please calmly make your way home so we can ensure effective service delivery.

The arch of Durdle Door is approximately 200 feet in height. Hitting water from that height can be critical. This is further compounded by tides, currents and altering depth of the sea bed. It is not an appropriate location for this type of activity.

The beach is now closed. Expect high volumes of traffic as beach goers depart from the scene.

Dorset Police
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