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Peaceful ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest in Weymouth

Weymouth Pavilion
Photo by Elliott Brown (CC by 2.0)

A peaceful protest has started in Weymouth at 11am in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and is set to continue until at least 12:30pm today.

The protest is being held after a Police officer killed George Floyd in the USA, after which, even Dorset Police released a statement.

Georgia Clark, who is organising the event, is asking everyone to keep it peaceful and ensure that they are following social distancing rules, wear masks and gloves.

The protest will begin at the Weymouth Pavilion, and will then go to Greenhill Gardens before continuing to the Café Oasis.

Although I’ve organised it, it’s not about me and my rights. It’s completely about a different culture that I’m just trying to respect and not be insensitive towards.

We’re not protesting for our rights.

I’m still learning all the time and through making this facebook event online I’ve had people come forward giving me advice and leading me to forums… telling me that it’s better to ask and accidentally offend whilst educating yourself rather than completely being ignorant to the situation.

It’s really important to me that everybody has a facemask and all the COVID-19 precautions are going to be taken to make sure that we’re all staying as safe as we possibly can.

Georgia Clark

Follow the event on the Black Lives Matter March Weymouth Facebook page.

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