Paddleboarders fought for their lives while battling strong tides

RNLI lifeboard floating through waves
RNLI Lifeboat

Three paddleboarders were spotted struggling out at sea near Old Harry’s Rocks yesterday morning (1st July).

A member of the public did the right thing by calling the emergency services and asking for the coastguard.

A Swanage Lifeboat was swiftly launched at 11.38am on a mission to rescue the three individuals who were being swept out to sea by the outgoing tides in gusty conditions.

Between the time of the call and when the lifeboat reached the paddleboarders, a small yacht reached the individuals and offered assistance. This made it significantly easier to locate the paddleboarders, as they turned out to be further out into the English channel than initially thought.

On arrival, it was discovered that the yacht tried to get the three individuals on board their boat with the help of a rope. However, they were unsuccessful.

The lifeboat crew pulled all three onboard and checked them over. One paddleboarder was cold and tired, but the others were fine.

All three were taken back to Knoll Beach, where they initially set off from.

When the lifeboat arrived in Studland Bay, the crew spotted another paddleboarder who was being pulled out to sea. The person came on board and everyone was dropped off just a few hundred yards off-shore – as close as the lifeboat could get without running aground.

Swanage Coastguard volunteers were waiting on the shore and spoke to the paddleboarders as the lifeboat returned to its Swanage station.

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