No major issues in Dorset during Super Saturday

Weymouth & Portland Police officers
Weymouth & Portland Police officers

With plenty of media publicity and divided opinions over Super Saturday, Dorset Police said that there were “no major issues” on the controversial day.

With pubs reopening for the first time since lockdown, many expected a big turnout. However, with the somewhat wet weather, only 525 incidents were reported – a number much lower than initially anticipated.

Dorset Police officers made patrols throughout the county, with a live feed of events on their Twitter account in the evening.

During the period, two men were arrested by Weymouth & Portland Police in two separate incidents; one arrested for a ‘Public Order offence’ and the other for being ‘Drunk and Disorderly’.

The force attended a variety of licensed premises throughout the day, both while patrolling and responding to calls.

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