Lidl reveals visual plans for new Shaftesbury store

New Lidl in Shaftesbury

Since their somewhat controversial purchase of the cattle market for £1.9 million from Dorset County Council, Lidl has submitted a visual graphic and plans for the store.

Keeping on top of their ambitious store expansion programme, Lidl plans for Christy’s Lane, Shaftesbury, have provided a further insight on what customers may expect from the new low-price German supermarket.

To keep opposition campaigners and the Town Council at ease, Lidl has promised to create 40 new full-time and part-time jobs when open, stating that “the majority of which will be sourced locally.”.

The development plans assure that there will be only 2 or 3 deliveries per day, to an almost secluded delivery bay around the side of the store.

Proposed plan for Lidl on Christy’s Lane, Shaftesbury
Proposed plan for Lidl on Christy’s Lane, Shaftesbury

Lidl’s latest store will have 2,080m² of indoor space and a 1,261m² sales area. In-store facilities will include a bakery, customer toilets and 119 parking spaces. The plans show that there will be 8 disabled spaces and 8 ‘parents and child’ bays at the front of the store.

Meanwhile, bordering Tesco has some fierce competition. Shaftesbury’s Lidl announced that the store will boast more than 2,000 product lines at lower prices. Without a doubt, Tesco will have to fight to keep customers as their stores are right next to each other and Lidl would be the obvious less expensive choice.

In Lidl’s development plans, it has been revealed that the German supermarket chain has been planning to bring a store to Shaftesbury “for years” and “have considered and disputed many sites”.

It’s yet unclear if the plans submitted by Lidl will get accepted. Campaigners tried to fight previous plans and took Lidl to a High Court judicial review. Anthony Elleray QC ruled there was not an arguable case and North Dorset Council (now Dorset Council) allowed the development to continue.

Lidl stated that if their planning application gets accepted by the new Dorset Council, they could be open and running as soon as Autumn 2020.

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