Drivers caught in Dorset driving at up to 114mph

Car speed 114mph
Photos: Dorset Police

Dorset Police’s No Excuse Team dealt with 33 offences on Wednesday alone.

Starting on the A35, a BMW was stopped for driving 95mph when overtaking another vehicle. On the same road, a motorcycle was pulled over for driving without due care and attention when it tried to squeeze between two unmarked police cars.

Police officers seized two cars, issued fines and reported 6 people to court while working on the A30 between Sherborne and Yeovil – all driving over 96mph.

The six drivers/riders that were reported to court:

  • Ducati motorcycle for speeding at 111mph. The excuse was that the rider was racing his friend.
  • BMW 3 series was caught travelling at 96mph. The driver was very apologetic.
  • VW Bora was stopped after travelling at 98mph. The driver didn’t provide an excuse.
  • BMW 7 series driver was caught at 98mph. Again, this driver didn’t provide an excuse.
  • An Audi R8 was pulled over at 101mph. The driver, who had a small child with her, was very sorry and didn’t realise how fast she was going (oh, really?).
  • VW Transporter was stopped for driving at 99mph. The van was making a delivery in Yeovil and was in a rush to get home. He became very remorseful when he realised he might lose his license and job.

A Vauxhall Corsa and a Mazda MX5 were stopped and both vehicles were seized for no insurance. The Corsa also wasn’t taxed since January, and the driver knew that she let things slip.

Closer to the end of the day, officers caught a Mercedes C220 travelling at 112mph and was presented with a summons to court. Another motorcycle was then stopped travelling at 91mph.

Meanwhile yesterday, police pulled over a BMW 3 series which was driving 114mph in a 50mph zone on Dorset Way, Poole.

It didn’t help the driver when officers discovered that one of his tyres was so worn that it was showing the cord. It’s thought that the driver was showing off to his friends – all of whom he was placing in fatal danger.

There is simply no excuse to be driving over the speed limit, without care or in unsafe vehicles. It’s not about avoiding being caught – it’s about keeping yourself and others safe.

Here’s another intelligent driver:

Another dangerous, reckless, thoughtless, speeding drink driver taken off our roads.Yesterday afternoon – evening the…

Posted by Dorset Police No Excuse on Thursday, June 25, 2020
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