Dorset Police remind the public to stay at home during bank holiday weekend

Dorset’s communities are being reminded by a senior Dorset Police officer to stay at home while they celebrate this bank holiday weekend.

With VE day on 8th May, Chief Constable James Vaughan said: “I’m fully aware that VE Day and the bank holiday weekend is very special to so many of you.

“Unfortunately we are not going to be able to celebrate the way we all expected to and instead we are going to have to come up with different ways of marking this historic event. Please do celebrate from your home or back garden with your loved ones – I certainly will be raising a toast with my family.”

Chief Constable James Vaughan
Chief Constable James Vaughan

Police officers, special constables (volunteers) and police staff will patrol Dorset’s main roads throughout the weekend to ensure that non-essential journeys aren’t being made. Anyone who is caught flouting the Government’s coronavirus regulations about staying at home and not undertaking non-essential travel could face a fine.

From Friday 27th March to Wednesday 6th March, Dorset Police issued more than 377 fixed penalty notices to individuals who breached the Government’s COVID-19 restrictions.

Chief Constable James Vaughan continued: “As sad as it is, Dorset and our tourism hotspots are closed for business for now.

“We will be turning people around if they are found to be travelling here from elsewhere for no good reason and some of those people could also risk being fined.

Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner, Martyn Underhill
Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner, Martyn Underhill

“If you are unsure about what the restrictions do or don’t permit, I’d like to remind you all of our excellent FAQ section at”

Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner, Martyn Underhill, said: “I know how important Friday’s VE Day celebrations are to so many people, but it would be the ultimate tribute to the heroes of the Second World War generation if we could all stay at home and ensure they remain safe.

“Remember, the lockdown restrictions will continue to remain in place over the bank holiday weekend, so please continue to stay indoors, protect the NHS and save lives. Dorset remains closed to visitors, so don’t attempt to drive here to visit our beaches or beauty spots.”

In the run-up to the bank holiday weekend, the Police has also been spreading the message on social media:

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