Dorset Growth Hub to host a free audio conference for businesses

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Dorset Growth Hub is launching a brand new Audio Conference called BEYOND2020 – The Future Of Business. The aim is to promote future thinking, share positive stories and business opportunity as we all head into an unstable space in 2021. As we head into the last quarter of 2020, many businesses will be focusing on the here and now. DGH hopes this event will help with forward-thinking; what to prioritise next, what’s changed and what businesses can improve.

The free five-day audio event will be held from the 19th – 23rd October, where they will be exploring a different topic each day – Sustainability, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Attracting New Business and Future Trends. Each day, 3 podcast episodes will be released for 24 hours only, then followed the next day by a Q&A panel with the guest speakers that featured in each episode.

After having to re-think plans for their annual conference, which last year featured speakers from Dyson, Monzo and Jimmys Iced Coffee – DGH wanted to do something a bit different, still attracting exciting speakers but moving away from the usual video format of online events, where everyone is feeling fatigue.

After running over 60 online events on Zoom, we started to think about how we could do something new and exciting, bringing together businesses from Dorset alongside larger national brands. We went through the process of thinking we would just cancel the conference all together, and wait until next year, but I think businesses really need a little positivity and inspiration to just keep going at the moment. As an organisation, we are trying new platforms, pushing boundaries as we try to reach as many businesses as possible to provide helpful content that can make a difference. The episodes we have recorded so far are really practical, full of tips and inspiration for ambitious business owners and managers.

The topics we have chosen are rarely covered locally, but are priorities that we think are paramount going into the next 12 months, and will be spoken about from differing perspectives, from local start-ups like Ethicly and Street Agency, established local brands like OnBuy and RNLI, to national brands like ITV and Wessannen (Clipper Tea, Kallo & Whole Earth) – we have some great speakers lined up.

Mary Lloyd, Marketing Manager at DGH

You can register and see all the speakers announced so far by following the link on the BEYOND2020 page.

Episodes will be live for 24 hours only, making you more accountable to listen – as it’s very easy to save it for later then never go back. The Q&A sessions give you the chance to ask the expert’s questions about your business and expand on ideas mentioned in the episodes. If you don’t get chance to listen beforehand please do still join the Q&A.



  • “Sustainability’ podcasts launch


  • “Sustainability: Live Q&A
  • Launch of “Culture, Diversity & Inclusion” podcasts


  • “Culture, Diversity & Inclusion” Live Q&A
  •  Launch of “Winning New Business” podcasts


  • “Winning New Business” Live Q&A
  • Launch of “Future Thinking” podcasts


  • “Future Thinking” Live Q&A

So don’t miss out!

This event is completely free to attend, it is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and delivered by Dorset Growth Hub.

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