Council issues safety warning to pedestrians in Gillingham

Pedestrian safety in Gillingham
Photos: Dorset Council

Dorset Council has released a statement reminding residents to use the temporary push-button crossing available at the site of roadworks near Waitrose in Gillingham.

The roadworks stretch across a section of Le Neubourg Way, where work is being carried out to build a cycleway from Wyke Street to Station Road.

The junction is controlled by a crossing point near the junction with Waitrose, allowing the public to cross safely. However, highway workers have reported that residents are ignoring the crossing and instead choosing their own paths and often ending up within the roadworks barriers.

We have high standards of site safety and this includes ensuring the works area is clearly signed and barriered off to prevent pedestrians from accessing the live construction site.

We appreciate the crossing has been 100m or so further to walk than usual, but it will soon be moving to the site of the permanent crossing – between Church View and the Waitrose junction. Please make every effort to use the safe crossing facilities provided.

Councillor Ray Bryan, Dorset Council
Cycle scheme in Gillingham roadworks

These sustainable transport works will be followed with improvement works on Newbury Roundabout, Station Road and the New Road junction.

Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership has secured £3.18m through the Government’s Growth Deal to deliver a transport improvement package for the town.

Dorset Council spokesperson
Le Neubourg Way, Gillingham
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