19 year old drove Mercedes courtesy car at double the speed limit

Mercedes Benz pulled over by police
Photo: Dorset Police No Excuse

The Dorset Police No Excuse team caught a 19-year-old driving driving more than double the speed limit this morning.

Police officers pulled over a 2019 Mercedes Benz E220 near Bear Cross on Ringwood Road Bournemouth, after it was caught speeding – 83mph in a 40mph zone (107% over the speed limit).

It turns out that the 19-year-old driver wasn’t driving his own vehicle, but a courtesy car.

In the first two years of his driving career he has already lost his licence once for driving with no insurance. He has retaken his test and gained his licence back with 6 points. Then unbelievably he now has this pending along with another speeding case from a short while ago.

Dorset Police No Excuse spokesperson

The teenager told offices that he recently purchased a van for work, and he’s paying £5,000 for insurance due to his past convictions.

The driver was reported to court, where magistrates will decide his fate.

While on location, officers also gave fines to a VW Golf and a Vauxhall Mokka, where both vehicles were driving over 60mph. Meanwhile, while working yesterday afternoon, a Porsche was caught driving 94mph on the same road.

As the name of the team suggestions, there’s simply no excuse for speeding and dangerous driving.

Teen speeding near Bournemouth
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