When do leisure centres open in Dorset?

Treadmill being disinfected

If you’re anything like me and had an active gym or sports centre membership before lockdown, you might be keen to return to your typical routine of going to the gym and losing those pounds that crept onto your body during the lockdown.

Leisure centres in Dorset closed in line with Government guidance back in March. However, the Government has recently announced that leisure centres in England can reopen on 25th July.

Amid the news, Dorset Council announced that it will be reopening leisure centres managed by them as soon as it’s safe and possible to do so on 25th July.

Our sports and leisure centres play an important role in the health of Dorset’s communities, so we are looking forward to opening our doors again.

We’d like to reassure everyone that we have implemented strict measures to ensure the cleanliness and safety of our centres. This information can be found on our web pages and we would ask people to familiarise themselves with the detail prior to attending their centre.

We thank all our customers for their continued support and patience and look forward to seeing them again soon.

Councillor Tony Alford, Dorset Council

Dorset Council’s sports facilities are set to reopen with strict social distancing measures, with some equipment being moved around, or if not possible, will be blocked from use.

Moreover, the council stated that frequent cleaning will take place to ensure that all equipment is disinfected between users – including handles, screens, buttons, seats, railings and other surfaces.

You can also expect hand sanitiser stations throughout leisure centre facilities, which you are encouraged to use to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

If you have any questions about the new measures, you can speak to the leisure centre staff who have been appropriately trained.

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