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Unattended bonfire in Hammoon near Sturminster Newton

Fire in Hammoon, near Sturminster Newton
Firefighter Dan, Sturminster Newton Fire Station

Sturminster Newton Fire Station attended an unattended bonfire after a report of a fire in Hammoon, near Sturminster Newton, Dorset.

The call came in at 10:05 pm yesterday (16th June), informing the fire control centre of a fire and its precise location.

On arrival, the firefighters used two hose reel jets to put out the fire and started damping everything down.

It was concluded that the fire was an unattended bonfire, which was left to burn.

The crews were on site until nearly 01:30 am.

Sturminster Newton Fire Station would like to remind everyone of the following:

  • Don’t leave a bonfire unattended.
  • Site any bonfire well away from buildings, fences, trees and garden structures.
  • Have a media to extinguish the fire to hand in case the fire starts to get out of control.
  • Don’t light a bonfire on a windy day, as it could flare up more than you expect.
  • Be courteous to your neighbours – if you’re planning a substantial bonfire, let them know, and stay with it at all times to ensure that it remains safe.
  • If you’re intending to have a large bonfire, use our on-line form – we often receive emergency calls from people who can see lots of smoke, and it helps us to know where this could be a controlled burn.
  • Never use flammable liquids such as petrol or paraffin to start a bonfire.
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