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NHS staff protest taking place in Dorchester today

Thank you NHS flag

Key NHS staff will be taking part in a “socially-distanced” protest today at 12:30pm at the Town Pump in Dorchester.

Nurses, hospital workers and other key NHS staff will take part in national protests following the Government’s decision not to give nurses and care workers a pay rise, while 900,000 other public sector workers received one.

I really don’t think it’s acceptable. It’ll be interesting to see what the MP’s award themselves this year.

There’s a 40,000 nursing shortage in the NHS and a 10,000 doctor shortage and I don’t think it’s going to encourage people to join the NHS.

It’s a life then of low-pay and debt, let alone now in addition to that putting our own lives at risk treating people with COVID, which we’re happy to do. This could be our family, our friends, that’s how we see patients.

We’re committed to doing that but we didn’t sign up to die.

Lynne Hubbard, organiser of the protests

We are incredibly grateful for the hard work and dedication of all our health and care staff during the pandemic, and we will continue to ensure all staff are rewarded fairly.

We are committed to supporting our NHS and everyone working in it, and we recently announced a further £3 billion for the NHS in addition to the record cash funding boost of £33.9 billion extra by 2023/24 we are already providing.

The Agenda for Change deal has delivered year-on-year pay increases for our valued NHS staff, including increasing the starting salary for a newly qualified nurse by over 12%.

Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson
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