Group of 15 caught having a campfire and BBQ in Wareham Forest

Campfire in Wareham Forest
Photo: Bere Regis Fire Station

Bere Regis Fire Station was called out to a fire in Wareham Forest at 9pm today (23rd June).

After taking their fire engine and a Land Rover, they were surprised to discover a large group of people having a BBQ and campfire in the middle of the forest.

Firefighters quickly extinguished the fires and took away barbecues away so that they couldn’t be reused.

These were not local people so may not have seen our messages about not having any fires in the forest or on heathland. If you know anyone planning to come down and stay in the area, please pass our message on of NO CAMPFIRES and NO BBQ’s

Bere Regis Fire Station

Dorset Council will be debating whether disposable barbecues and other fire activities should be banned or controlled.

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