Dorset IT company acquired by London cloud services provider

Amica Technology offices in Ferndown
Amica Technology offices in Ferndown

Ferndown-based Amica Technology, which has been helping Dorset businesses with their computing needs since 2013, has been acquired by London-based Telappliant.

Amica Tech has seen rapid growth over the last few years and currently has over 25 staff supporting more than 400 clients. The fast growth and success can be attributed to providing the best possible service, in line with their motto of “to become our clients’ favourite supplier”.

Amongst Amica’s service portfolio is managed IT, cloud services, IT hardware store, web design and electrical services.

The acquiring company, Telappliant, is a 17-year-old provider of internet telephony, connectivity, security and IT services to more than 6,000 UK businesses.

In a joint statement on the acquisition of Amica Technology, Telappliant commented:

We are delighted to welcome the team at Amica Technology into Telappliant. It is a key component of our acquisitive growth strategy – adding managed IT services allows us to offer a wider portfolio of business critical services to UK SMEs and it positions us for further scale and growth

Muhammad Nasim, CEO of Telappliant

I am very proud of what my team and I have achieved in the last six and a half years. It’s our dogged attitude to providing a quality service that has achieved the incredible growth that we have experienced. This acquisition creates exciting opportunities for us all. We look forward to joining the Telappliant family and accelerating our new combined plans.

Chris Howard, CEO at Amica Technology

I am delighted that we have concluded this acquisition. We are continuing our transformation strategy into a fully loaded managed services provider. The current climate has brought its own challenges, but we are confident that the change in business behaviour will bring with it an increased demand for our services going forward

Tan Aksoy, Director of Mergers and Acquisitions
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