Dogs taunt a seal resting in Bowleaze Cove

Child in Dorset bitten by seal
Photo: Wyke Coastguard

A seal become somewhat of a local attraction when enjoying a break away from the water.

With so much attention and excitement, onlookers decided to get closer to the friendly-looking animal, resulting in a child being bitten by the seal when trying to stroke it last month.

Yesterday, Weymouth & Portland Police received reports of dogs being aggressive towards the seal, which was out on the beach in Bowleaze Cove, and were told that the seal was also joined by some swimmers in the sea.

Police are reminding dog walkers to be mindful of their dogs and to always have them on a lead if they know that the seal is out of the water.

Equally, humans should also be mindful of the seal and should swim in areas away from the seal, giving the seal space, for everyone’s safety.

Wyke Coastguard commented on the previous incident involving the child:

Although when beached, our friendly seal may look docile, it can and will give you a nasty bite if you try and get too close as demonstrated by this child this afternoon.

Wyke Coastguard
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