All I want for Christmas is NOT FLU…! Walk-in flu jabs in Bridport

Doctor giving vaccine

Local pharmacy, Well, based on East Street in Bridport, says for those who have yet to have a flu jab this Winter – there’s still time to have the jab before Christmas.

And, a survey that Well recently undertook showed that 40% of us are still unaware that for those people living close to the pharmacy in East Street, it is easy to “walk-in” and have the vaccination. For those that would prefer not to walk in – you can call the pharmacy, to reserve a convenient time slot.

With the potential of more mixing and seeing family and friends over the Christmas period, there is an even greater risk of the flu virus circulating. There are still many people that qualify for the free NHS flu jab that haven’t had it yet. The government estimated that at least 30 million jabs would be needed this year for flu in line with NHS targets of 75%. For those not eligible for a free NHS vaccination, Well will also continue to run its private service where customers can get the vaccination service for £12.50.

On top of everything else this year, none of us want flu this Christmas, which is why we are urging people to get the free winter flu vaccine before Christmas.

It’s more important than ever that eligible people come and have their flu jab as it’s absolutely the best defence from getting a dose of flu and will help protect the body’s immune system.

Those with long-term health conditions, those aged over 65 and pregnant women are at greater risk and are entitled to a free NHS flu jab, which they can get at Well Bridport – East Street Pharmacy. For the first time this year, those aged 50 to 64 are also eligible for the free flu jab and for those under the age of 50, we can still help at a charge of £12.50, for the vaccination.

We would urge people to come in and have their flu jab before Christmas, prior to roll out of the COVID-19 vaccination programme in the New Year.

Claire Barnett, Pharmacist for Well Bridport

Well Pharmacy has ready supplies of the flu vaccine and has adapted the service with additional protective screens to deliver this service in a covid-secure way.

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