Volunteers & Wessex Water plant trees at Panda Pre-school in Blandford

New trees in a garden
Photo: Wessex Water

As part of an exciting student-involved project, Panda Pre-school in Blandford Forum has created a new woodland area for children to enjoy outdoor activities in a safe and nature-inspired environment.

A general foreman, Gordon Langford, at Wessex Water has a sister-in-law working at Panda Pre-school who asked for Gordon’s help with planting trees.

The pre-school is a registered charity, and had trouble finding an excavator and covering the costs.

Gordon gladly agreed to help and enlisted the help of his colleague, David Lane, who is a repair and maintenance team leader at Wessex Water.

The pair were tasked with digging holes for new trees in the to-be woodland area, and so they asked to borrow a Wessex Water excavator.

Equipped with the machinery and hardware for the job, Gordon and David dug holes for the trees to go into, and the trees were in the ground shortly after.

My sister in law asked if I could help to dig holes for their trees as they were struggling to get hold of an excavator due to costs and funding.

Thankfully, Dave and I were allowed to borrow one of our excavators to complete the work, enabling the pre-school to plant its trees and finish the project.

The new woodland area will allow children from different social backgrounds to learn and play outdoors without having to rely on PPE.

Gordon Langford

Commenting on the kindness of Wessex Water, Gordon and David, the Pre-school Manager said:

We were grateful for Gordan and Dave giving up their own time to help us out.

They worked very hard to ensure the ground was ready, which was not easy as the ground was horrendous to dig in some places, but they persevered and completed the job.

I cannot thank them enough as it made such a difference to the project knowing we could plant the trees the following week.

Alison Morris, Pre-school Manager, Panda Pre-school
Bench with new trees in the background
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