Swanage Railway train carriages vandalised amid financial uncertainty

Just months ago there was great uncertainty over whether the Swanage Railway would survive. Thankfully, the trust managed to fundraise enough cash to keep the lights on during the pandemic, which was costing them £46,000 per month, with no income from fares.

After raising more than £242,624, Purbeck Police revealed that between 5th and 6th July, Swanage Railway was hit by a vandal (or group), who sprayed several historical train carriages with graffiti – in close proximity to a graffiti wall.

By publishing the photos provided by Swanage Railway Trust, the police and the trust hope that someone can help identify the style of graffiti and lead officers to potential suspects.

Swanage Railway is still running their “Save Our Service” campaign, with the original goal set at £360,000. The aim of the campaign is to help the non-profit trust battle with the financial burden of paying for a service that was closed, is now running with significantly reduced capacity and will be closed for winter.

It’s thought that Swanage Railway attracts more than £15 million worth of business to the area each year.

Now, the trust will be left with a bill for removing the graffiti and repainting the carriages to repair the unwanted graphics from the so-called “artist”.

If you would like to support Swanage Railway, please visit the Swanage Railway Trust’s giving page.

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