Sturminster Newton Mill featured by media outlets worldwide

Flour mill in Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Sturminster Newton Mill

Sturminster Newton Mill, which has been producing flour to supply locals during a flour shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic, has been featured in newspapers worldwide.

News of the 1,000-year-old flour mill quickly spread through local papers, including the Daily Echo and the Dorset Echo, before it gained national coverage from the BBC, The Guardian, Daily Mail and many others. In fact, the news spread so quickly that it reached our American friends over the Atlantic and over the world; Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, Euronews and other US news giants.

All of this news covers the 1,000-year-old mill, which is run by Sturminster Newton Heritage Trust volunteers, and how it has been producing flour for the local community during a shortage as a result of the pandemic.

Sturminster Newton Mill is an ancient water-powered mill in Sturminster Newton, on the River Stour, and is exclusively operated by the local trust that manages the Museum and Mill in Sturminster Newton, Dorset.

“When covid-19 struck, all of the local shops ran out of flour very quickly,” said Loosmore, 79, a retired art teacher who has worked at the mill for 25 years. “We had a stock of good-quality milling wheat and the means and skills to grind it into flour, so we thought we could help.”

The flour produced by the mill is packed by the volunteers and sold to local shops and bakery, who sell them onto the public.

Operating the mill during the pandemic has been a critical source of income for the Sturminster Newton Heritage Trust, as they mainly rely on income from admissions and shop sales. Due to the crisis, this source of revenue has been put on hold. Thankfully, many individuals who have read the story online have been keen to help.

If you’re able to, we strongly encourage you to help support the upkeep of the mill and museum through a donation, at:

Here’s a video showcasing how this historic site runs:

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