RSPCA rescued 99 hedgehogs in Dorset

Hedgehog walking on grass

Hedgehog Awareness Week has just ended. However, this is no reason to set the topic aside.

Newly released figures show an alarming increase in hedgehog incidents. The RSPCA reported 99 incidents involving the shy spiky features in Dorset, and a total of 4,818 through the UK.

This figure of 13 hedgehog related incidents per day is higher than any other wildlife.

As a result of the spike, more than 2,700 hedgehogs have been admitted to RSPCA wildlife centres last year. Bringing the 5-year total to more than 12,000.

The aim of Hedgehog Awareness Week, an event organised by British Hedgehog Preservation Society, was to raise the public’s awareness of hedgehogs, which are most often brought to the RSPCA as orphans, underweight, injured or ill.

Evie Button, RSPCA scientific officer, said:

“Regardless of coronavirus, wild animals still need rescuing by the RSPCA and breeding season is the start of a really busy time for us.

“We’ll have lots of calls about baby birds, orphaned fox cubs and hedgehogs which have come out of hibernation and need help to build up their body weight.

“It’s Hedgehog Awareness Week which is very appropriate as these much-loved prickly creatures are the most frequent visitor to our wildlife centres.

“Watching wildlife is such a great source of comfort to people at the moment and we are so grateful to the public for calling us when they are concerned about any animal. However in the case of baby animals, including fledglings, it’s often better to leave them where they are as they are often rescued by their mum or get themselves out of trouble. There’s lots of advice on our website.”

Evie Button, RSPCA scientific officer
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