Partake in the ‘7DaysActiveChallenge’ to raise money for CMT UK

7 day active challenge

CMT UK, a charity based out of Christchurch, is launching a fundraising appeal to help it raise £5,000 to fill the gap of funding which would have been made up with fundraisers that were cancelled because of COVID-19.

CMT, which stands for Charcot-Marie-Tooth (a.k.a. Hereditary Motor and Sensory Neuropathy), is a hereditary condition affecting 25,000 people in the UK. It damages the peripheral sensory and motor nerves, with the effects being the deterioration of muscle tissue, particularly in the hands and feet.

As there are over 100 diagnosed types of CMT, symptoms can vary hugely, although some other key points about CMT are that it can cause chronic pain and fatigue.

To help raise the funds, CMT UK is launching an appeal for one-off donations, as well as inviting everyone to partake in the 7DayActiveChallenge where fundraisers keep active for 7 days.

It is really important for people living with CMT to exercise or keep active (within their own limits), to maintain their muscle mass. We have set up the #7DayActiveChallenge fundraiser, which will help everyone, including the CMT community, to keep active whilst raising much-needed funds towards our appeal.

Fundraisers can choose their own activity based on their own fitness level and ability, although there are already pledges to run 7 x 5k, take part in 7 yoga sessions; and one of the charity’s trustees, who is living with CMT, is aiming to do an Ironman event.

CMT UK will also be launching 7 exercise videos especially for people living with CMT. The fundraiser is very inclusive – people from all walks of life are looking to take part in the #7DayActiveChallenge, whether they know someone who is affected by CMT, or whether they are living with the condition themselves – the challenge is open to anyone who would like to take part and would like to raise funds towards our appeal.

Simon Bull, CEO, CMT UK

CMT UK is looking to raise the sum of £5,000 to fill the shortfall. As little as £5 could help fund a free telephone helpline manned by CMT UK, which is essential for people affected by CMT and have emotional or financial difficulties.

Continuing about the appeal, Simon said:

In the UK, some 25,000 are thought to have CMT, making it the most common inherited neurological condition. Although there isn’t a cure for CMT and it can be very disabling, life with CMT can still be full, enjoyable and worth living. Most of CMT UK’s trustees are living with CMT, so they know first-hand the type of support that is needed for our members. For a small charity, it’s really active with lots of information available about the condition, managing it, and living well.

There are also regular member meet ups organised by regional support groups, annual conferences, a special group for children affected by CMT and of course fundraising. Without all the very generous donations we receive, we would not be able to support all our members and health professionals, so any donation of any size is really gratefully received.

Simon Bull, CEO, CMT UK

Please help CMT UK raise the funds needed for their essential services by visiting their JustGiving page.

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