Owner of garden centre said re-opening was emotional

Castle Gardens garden centre in Sherborne

In line with the Government’s ‘construction and other outdoor work’ guidance, garden centres may now re-open.

Castle Gardens is among thousands of gardens centres that have been allowed to reopen as of today, Wednesday 11th May.

Mike Burks who is the owner of Castle Gardens, a garden centre in Sherborne, Dorset said it was emotional to see customers returning into his centre.

Official guidance states that:

“All garden centres reopening should put in place social distancing, cleaning and protective measures for both staff and customers. In particular, they should ensure that people can stay 2m apart wherever possible, as is already the case in supermarkets and other shops which have remained open in recent weeks.

“I hadn’t realised how emotional it would be seeing customers back in the centre so that shows how much of an issue it’s been for us.

“We’ve been working on telephone orders but, seeing how many people there are in the queue today, we couldn’t possibly answer that many calls in one day.

“We’ve been running the last eight weeks at about a fifth off our normal business so that’s not sustainable.

“We would have been better off closing completely and furloughing everyone but we felt it was our duty to keep going and I’m glad we have.

“We’ve done it because we think it’s important to keep people at home gardening. If we can keep people in good mental health, gardening will help enormously with that.”

Mike Burks, owner of Castle Gardens
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