Government approves new special needs school in Dorset

Autistic person with carer

The Government has approved Dorset Council’s bid to build a new free special needs school in Dorset, in an effort to bring education closer to children’s homes.

The new school will have spaces for up to 75 children aged between 14 and 19, who are on the autism spectrum or have other complex learning difficulties.

Dorset’s new special school is one of 37 new schools approved across the country, according to the Education Secretary Gavin Williamson.

This is brilliant news. I am proud that after several years of hard work we have managed to secure funding for this new school.

We want to provide more specialist education provision in Dorset, so our children do not have to travel as far.

This new school will mean that we can provide excellence in education for more of our young people closer to their homes, their families and their local community. It will improve our children’s lives and help them achieve brilliant futures.

Councillor Andrew Parry, Dorset Council

Dorset Council stated that they have worked closely with the Department for Education to bring the new school to Dorset; where Dorset Council was one of six in the south west.

This is good news for Dorset. I am pleased that more children will be able to attend school closer to their homes.

It is very welcome news.

Richard Drax, MP for South Dorset

The council has yet to decide where the school will be located, when it will open and which academy trust will run it.

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