Flix Drive In movie theatres to work with local suppliers


Flix Drive In movie theatres are bringing socially distanced, affordable and fun entertainment to Bournemouth this month.

It’s anticipated that the movie theatre will be a huge success, bringing six days of movies for all age groups and audiences and being the largest event in Bournemouth so far, this summer.

Flix Drive In event organisers has confirmed that the event will be extended and that the company has chosen to work with local businesses to supply the screen, food, logistics and more – bringing a much needed financial boost to the local economy.

Following on from our other successful UK events this summer, Flix Drive In will be playing movies every day from Wednesday 26th August to Monday 31st August, with 11am, 3.30pm and 8pm start times.

Flix Drive In movie theatres is a new arm of an established events company with more than 25 years in the entertainment industry, designed with safety, affordability and fun at the forefront of all we do, using the latest sound and vision technology for a new twist on a nostalgic concept.

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