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Durdle Door inspired fundraiser for Clean Jurassic Coast

Clean Jurassic Coast
Photo: Oly Rush

Disclaimer: Rhea Soulsby-Phillips, who is starting a fundraiser for Clean Jurassic Coast, provided the below article.

A few months ago, we covered the story of the trash left at Durdle Door, and many of you also saw similar photos on the news or on social media.

Unfortunately, these are not the usual attractive posts about this iconic beauty spot, but photos of mountains of discarded rubbish, videos of individuals tombstoning, and angry words of despair and hopelessness.

Most recently dubbed “Durdle Dump” and “World Heritage Shite”, it is so upsetting to witness such breathtaking landmarks, disrespected, exploited and abused by people who have used the pandemic as an opportunity to come on holiday and destroy the coastline.

But this is ONE landmark across the Jurassic Coast that is suffering. There are countless beautiful beaches and sites that have been mistreated for decades by selfish, greedy people who simply cannot put their rubbish in a bin.

After a post went ‘viral’ on Facebook, I discovered and joined the volunteer network, ‘Clean Jurassic Coast’ to complete a beach clean at Durdle Door in early June.

I did not mentally prepare myself for the hell and devastation that the beach is having to endure every single day.

There was rubbish everywhere. It was soul destroying.

A small group of volunteers picked up tampons, sanitary towels, human excrement, wee in bottles, tents, chairs, probably a million fag butts, bottle tops, broken glass, KFC bags full of chicken bones, pants, socks, sandals, the list goes on.

I posted a video on Facebook of the mound of bin bags collected by the volunteers and this also garnered a lot of attention, even from the Lulworth Estate.

Rhea Soulsby-Phillips

Continuing about her support of Clean Jurassic Coast, Rhea added:

I cleaned this beach once. ONCE. And I was emotionally and physically destroyed. There are lots of incredible organisations, charities and volunteer networks who pick up other people’s litter EVERY DAY! I am so in awe of them. So humbled by their strength and perseverance in the face of adversity. They need us. They need us to share their story and to help them in this never-ending fight. Which leads me on to what this fundraiser is all about…

Rhea Soulsby-Phillips

Clean Jurassic Coast is a volunteer network who unite all Jurassic Coast beach cleaners and litter pickers in one place. With the motto ‘strength in numbers’, their mission is to keep the 95 miles of the Jurassic Coast litter-free.

Working with the Jurassic Coast Trust, Dorset Council’s Litter Free Coast and Sea, and many other groups, organisations and individuals, this initiative demonstrates teamwork at its absolute finest. For more information, please visit www.cleanjurassiccoast.uk.

The need your help! They are in desperate need of safety equipment, even more so whilst we are still facing the power of Covid-19. They need sanitation gel, litter grabbers, bags, gloves, first aid kits. They also really need financial backing to help them work towards solving the bigger issue, LACK OF EDUCATION.

They need to run websites, organise volunteer initiatives, post sponsored marketing campaigns, create their own merchandise to spread awareness, organise and run educational visits and events.

I know they would be so appreciative of any help your readers are able to offer. Surely it’s the least we can do for them after all the years of quite literally blood, sweat and tears to keep our beaches clean.

Rhea Soulsby-Phillips

To support the fundraiser, please visit Just Giving.

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