Dorset Police want to fill £120k+ vacancy of Deputy Chief Constable

David Lewis
Current Deputy Chief Constable: David Lewis

Dorset Police are looking for a Deputy Chief Constable; a position that’s compensated with a £120,633 salary, plus allowances.

The role of a Deputy Chief Constable is to be fully committed to serving the public while abiding by the force’s key values of: transparency, impartiality and integrity.

To be eligible for the role, Dorset Police asks that potential candidates have completed the Senior Police National Assessment Centre and the Strategic Command Course.

In addition to this, aspiring Deputy Chief Constables should already hold the rank of Assistant Chief Constable, Commander or higher rank within a UK police force. Alternatively, overseas applicants must have served in an approved overseas police force at an approved rank.

Describing the role, Dorset Police said:

You will inspire officers and staff to achieve and drive the vision across the organisation to provide an outstanding service and work together with Devon & Cornwall Police to deliver on local policing priorities to continue to make Dorset one of the safest counties to live in.

Dorset Police

But why do chief police officers earn more than an MP (£81,932 basic) and some even more than the Prime Minister (~£150,000)?

Police officers of this rank are highly compensated for their experience, determination and the enormous amount of responsibility.

In reality, there are very few qualified individuals suitable for this role, which requires attractive compensation. Many may have to relocate, commit an increased amount of time and complete additional strict courses to prove their worth.

The current Deputy Chief Constable of Dorset Police is David Lewis.

Read more about the position of a Deputy Chief Constable or visit Dorset Police’s recruitment page.

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