Dorset Council builds trail and garden for Puddletown First School

Puddletown First School sensory walk

With the help of funding raised by Friends of Puddletown School, Dorset Council’s Green Infrastructure Advice and Landscape teams have created a new walking area for pupils of Puddletown First School.

The new walk was constructed as a circular “Reflection trail” for children to use as a calm sensory walking space; either individually or as part of small groups.

Hidden by trees and with serene views of the valley, the trail offers various paths and a large outdoor space for Puddletown First School’s students.

Dorset Council’s aim was to use the existing landscape, such as trees, bushes and wildflowers. It’s thought that students will be able to walk and touch plants, whilst watching bees and other insects roam freely in their little habitats.

The team have done an amazing job on this site. It is important that we offer school children an outside space where they can learn about the natural environment and enjoy the calming space.

Councillor Andrew Parry, Dorset Council

Timber walls and trees block some views to allow students to be immersed in their surroundings until you reach a large open space with panoramic views.

We are delighted with our new trail and whilst the timing of its completion has not been ideal due to the current Corona Virus situation, we are really looking forward to using it with our children.

It will be a great space for children to choose to use to find some peace and quiet in our beautiful grounds, it offers fabulous views across our beautiful Dorset countryside enabling our children to appreciate the wonder of the natural world.

It will also be used within our curriculum for both reflection and well-being as well as other elements of the curriculum. I would like to thank the Dorset team for all their hard work and creative design and our parents who through Friends of Puddletown School have raised the funds for this wonderful project.

Mr Hunwick, Headteacher, Puddletown First School
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