Charity of the month: The Dorset Children’s Foundation

Dorset Childrens Foundation
Photo: The Dorset Children’s Foundation

The Dorset Children’s Foundation is a local and independent charity helping ill and disabled children in Dorset.

DCF is such an extraordinary organisation and has such a positive impact on our community, that they were our go-to choice for the first charity of the month.

What does Dorset Children’s Foundation do?

With the help of charity sales, donations and volunteers, The Dorset Children’s Foundation provides mobility equipment, therapies and medical expenses not covered by the NHS.

Since their founding in 2013, DCF has raised over £750,000, and have been able to cover their admin and wage expenses, meaning that 100% of donations go directly towards helping children in need.

With DCF’s help, Dorset’s disabled and ill children can receive life-saving treatment, extended life expectancy, and the ability to leave their homes with the help of mobility equipment.

Unless you’re touched by it, you may not know the cost or impact that equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, car seats, hydrotherapy pools, adapted trikes and bikes can have on a child’s life, or even why some of these are needed.

Your support can also help pay for medical expenses such as Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) operations for children with Cerebral Palsy, which are not covered by the NHS.

Sometimes, even simple things such as allowing a child to make a dream experience come true can make a positive impact (eg. visit from Mickey Mouse).


Visit each family to tailor make their own fundraising package and provide posters and collection pots etc.

Apply for grants from Trusts and other charitable bodies.

Link parents, carers, and children together to form a vital support network.

Offer individuals the chance to take up a personal challenge for us: Marathons, Skydives, Wing Walks etc.

Partner with local schools to promote and educate on the needs of children living with disability.

Arrange fundraising events such as annual: Football Tournaments, Casino Nights and Comedy Shows.

The Dorset Children’s Foundation

The work of The Dorset Children’s Foundation is breathtaking. Find out more on their ‘what we do’ page.

How can you help DCF?

DCF accepts online donations, where 100% of the donation goes directly towards helping children in need. If you can, we would urge you to set up a monthly donation. Even the smallest amount per month will have an ongoing impact and will allow you to save or improve the lives of children in our community.

Alternatively, you can support DCF by shopping at any of their 3 charity shops (Boscombe, Pokesdown or Southbourne), which will help cover expenses and will support DCF in having such a remarkable impact on Dorset’s disabled children’s lives.

Other ways to support The Dorset Children’s Foundation include:

  • volunteering
  • creating or taking part in events
  • leaving a legacy
  • donating goods
  • donating through Amazon Smile (at no cost to you)

For more information, go to the ‘how you can help’ page.

Dorset Childrens Foundation
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