Charity of the month: Dorset Community Foundation

Dorset Community Foundation
Photo: Dorset Community Foundation

The Dorset Community Foundation works with individuals, families and organisations to achieve charitable goals and to make giving “easier, flexible and effective”.

What does Dorset Community Foundation do?

Their mission is to raise funds for those most in need throughout Dorset. The money raised by DCF comes from individuals and businesses and is distributed to charities and individuals in need through grants and bursaries.

Through their work, Dorset Community Foundation has helped the local community benefit from more than £10 million of charitable donations.

Now celebrating their 20th anniversary, the DCF has awarded more than 188 grants totalling £500,000 in just 10 weeks. The grants were provided to Dorset charities and groups who were affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Since 2000, the Foundation has grown from being a fledgling organisation to one that is firmly at the heart of community life in Dorset awarding millions of pounds during this time. Through its grant making and fundraising we have made a significant contribution to the lives of some of the county’s most disadvantaged people.

The Coronavirus emergency created a huge demand for support from hundreds of charities and groups, both established and emerging. Within days of the lock-down starting we set up our Coronavirus Community Fund and corresponding appeal which attracted donations from local companies, generous local individuals, charitable trusts and national funders. We have never been more relevant, acting fast and responding when Dorset needs it most.

Our 20th anniversary celebrations may have to wait until next year but, what better way to mark our birthday this week than talking about the 188 projects we have supported over the last 10 weeks. I am proud of the last 20 years, proud of the people that have been involved along the way and thankful they helped create an organisation able to play a significant role in Dorset in time of need. We are by no means finished and with the help of our donors we will continue funding as Dorset picks itself up, the lock-down retreats and fresh challenges emerge.

Grant Robson, Foundation Director, Dorset Community Foundation

A recent project supported by the DCF includes Dorchester Family Support, who received a £3,000 grant to provide food parcels to disadvantaged families in Dorchester and the surrounding areas during school holidays.

Another beneficiary is People First Dorset, who support Dorset residents with learning disabilities. A grant fo £5,000 was provided to fund the creation of an Easy Read publication, which has clear messaging about the Government’s coronavirus guidance, recommendation and information. This publication will help those with learning disabilities cope with the pandemic.

How can you help the Dorset Community Foundation?

To find out how you can support the Dorset Community Foundation, please visit their Giving page.

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