Bournemouth’s bus health clinic for the homeless needs your help

HealthBus Bournemouth
Photo: HealthBus

The HealthBus is a free drop-in clinic started by Dr Maggie Kirk to offer accessible and free healthcare to those sleeping rough in Bournemouth.

Bournemouth’s HealthBus typically runs on Thursday and Friday mornings (9am to 12:30pm) from St. Stephen’s Church Hall and provides free healthcare to their homeless patients.

Unfortunately, the HealthBus has had to stop providing their life-saving services due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In response to the current situation, HealthBus has started a fundraiser to help them get back on the road with a new bus and improved safety measures to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 during their face-to-face visits.

The charity has so far raised £16,000 but has set a goal of £60,000 for the bus-based clinic to start helping the homeless throughout Bournemouth.

Buying a new bus to serve as a mobile clinic will enable our team to see patients in a safer space.

People who are sleeping rough are particularly vulnerable to catching and spreading Covid-19, it’s difficult for them to socially distance, self-isolate and access healthcare if they become ill.

The need for a new mobile clinic is now.

Dr Maggie Kirk, Medical Director, Health Bus Trust

To help support the charity, please visit the HealthBus website.

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