£9 million redevelopment plans for Hillbourne Primary School

Hillbourne Primary School

Plans to redevelop the school were approved in 2018 for the BCP Council-managed Hillbourne Primary School in Poole.

Councillors will vote on Thursday 23rd July to decide whether the new concept of the Poole primary school should be built. The new single building would replace the two existing teaching blocks where the layout “isn’t fit for purpose”.

To help with the cost of the project, councillors proposed building up to 100 homes in the north and south parts of the school property. So far, no progress has been made with this part of the project.

Upon approval of the new £9 million concept, construction work at Hillbourne Primary School would begin with the removal of the existing building. Then, a single u-shaped two-storey building with improved facilities and a new multi-purpose play area would be erected.

The children of Waterloo and Creekmoor deserve to have a local school that is fit for purpose, where the boilers work consistently, the lighting allows them to see their work clearly, the water is drinkable (or at least not orange), the buildings are structurally sound and the windows all open,” it says.

A similar project was approved by Poole council in May 2008 but scrapped shortly after due to “a change in investment priorities”.

BCP Council

During past discussions, BCP Council set a completion date of October 2021. However, this is expected to be extended due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The provision of a new school has significant social benefits for the pupils and teachers, which has wider benefits for the surrounding community.

In this case, the benefits are enhanced by the rationalisation of the accommodation from the existing two buildings to a single building enabling enhanced focus on the provision of education and less time on logistics.

James Gilfillan, Planning Officer

The school was rated as “Requires Improvement” by Ofstead in 2017 and in 2019 (it’s latest rating). The new plans could help the school improve and succeed by making the school more attractive for students and staff alike.

A new and improved workplace is likely to improve staff satisfaction and make it easier to attract and retain great experienced staff.

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