Weymouth receives Neighbourhood Area approval

Weymouth Harbour

Weymouth Town Council requested designation for a Neighbourhood Area from Dorset Council, which has now been approved.

A Neighbourhood Area designation is the first stage of creating a Neighbourhood Plan, which will provide residents with more control over local planning policy and choosing land for new homes, shops and offices.

Now that the Neighbourhood Area has been chosen and approved, the next step is to create a steering group amongst the local community and businesses. The steering group will then agree on and will write a plan that can be consulted locally.

A referendum will then take place to ensure that the majority of the local people are in agreement with the plan, which will then be submitted to Dorset Council for an independent examination.

Within the Neighbourhood Area is the existing Sutton Poyntz Neighbourhood Plan. It has been said that the new Weymouth Neighbourhood Plan will respect and include the existing Sutton Poyntz plan.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Weymouth Neighbourhood Plan, please email [email protected]

This is a great chance for people who have an interest in Weymouth to set out future development in the area. I encourage anyone interested in this opportunity to contact the town council to find out more.

Councillor David Walsh, Planning Portfolio Holder, Dorset Council

Residents and businesses can work together to have a positive say in the future of our town. This is about all the communities across the Weymouth area and we look forward to hearing from you.

Councillor Lucy Hamilton, Chair, Planning and Licensing Committee, Weymouth Town Council
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