McDonald’s in Weymouth set to be the busiest in the UK

Weymouth McDonald's

Car insurer Marmalade predicts that Weymouth’s McDonald’s will be the busiest in the UK when drive thru’s reopen.

Analysing data from the DVLA about vehicles registered in different postcodes and comparing this to the nearest drive thru’s, Marmalade predicts that McDonald’s in Jubilee Close, Weymouth will have the most drive-thru visitors.

The DT (Dorchester) postcode has more than 123,909 vehicles and only one drive-thru McDonald’s.

The prediction states that Weymouth’s drive-thru will be the busiest in the country, followed by Slough, Hereford, Guildford, SW London, Dumfries, N London and others.

While we have all missed the wonders of the golden arches, there is a real risk in rushing out to a drive-thru when they reopen. If you are in one of the areas that our study has predicted as being busy then I would recommend holding off and avoiding the rush, particularly if you are a new or learner driver, as we’ve all seen the chaos from other fast-food chains opening across social media.

It is likely that the chance of an accident is increased as people may behave more erratically and rush to get there first, not to mention patience wearing thin in a queue. But, if you do decide you can’t resist – remember the rules of the road still apply – so avoid blocking roads and roundabouts while queuing, don’t be tempted to use your phone while waiting and dispose of the rubbish responsibly.

Crispin Moger, CEO of Marmalade

Marmalade has also compiled data for the quietest McDonald’s restaurants in the UK.

At the top of this list is EC London, with only 6,477 vehicles per drive-thru. This is followed by Sunderland, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and others.

The data is affected by the number of drive-thru’s, and vehicle numbers. For example, Manchester will have less busy drive thru’s as they have 25 drive thru’s with 453,116 vehicles. On the other hand, the EC London postcode has 1 drive-thru, but only 6,477 vehicles.

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