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Dorset singer-songwriter to release new Christmas single

Harry North
Harry North

Award winning Dorset singer-songwriter, Harry North, is set to release his debut Christmas single – “While Your Mother Plays the Piano” on the 18th of December. After Harry’s gigs were all cancelled this year due to lockdown he needs to raise the support of Dorset to get behind him and help him reach for the stars this Christmas with his song!

Harry North is an award-winning Dorset based musician and on the 18th of December he will be releasing his debut Christmas Single and video – ‘While Your Mother Plays The Piano’. The inspiration for the song came after Harry’s first child was born and he spent his very own first Christmas together with his new family of three last year.

Like a lot of people, after a difficult year wanting to spend more time with family than we were allowed it seemed the perfect time to release this Christmas song which tells the story of the quality time I had during my first Christmas as a father…

My wife is an extraordinary piano player and its always around Christmas time that she is drawn to playing. It was this time last year on Christmas day that I woke up to her playing like she often does each year, and there it was, the song title came to me!

It has been a challenging year and like most families, we have wanted to spend much more contact time with our wider family than we have been able to. This song is all about the precious quality time I had on my first Christmas spent as a father last year, it’s lovely looking back & I hope in some way this song may help bring families together at a time when family is so important as it hasn’t been easy this year. In this song, I wanted to tell my story of Christmas which I hope people may be able to relate to, keeping it as true to reality as possible, a real song, for a real family Christmas.

Harry North

Harry has already roused the kind support of other professional musicians within Dorset who feature in the song, Chris Anthony Taylor features on Bass and Mike Keane features on Drums – like Harry they had to record their parts in their home studios due to lockdown.

Despite the difficulties that many musicians have faced this year it has been touching to have both Chris and Mike give their time to this project and support me in making this recording happen.

Harry continued

As part of the release Harry will be also be releasing a full music video to accompany the song. “The video will show a sneak peak into my own family Christmas –and how the original idea for this song was created in a Shepherd’s Hut! Keeping the video as close to reality as possible was something I wanted to focus on as to me the importance of Christmas is all about the people you share it with, and remaining true to that.

Harry’s song will be released on the 18th of December and will be available from all major music platforms including Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, etc.

You can also watch Harry’s new music video for his Christmas single @ www.youtube.com/hazztheguitar

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